K5 Roof Spoiler Install

By KDM Accessories 

Step 1 : Gather the Necessary Tools Required

  1. Scissors - To Cut 3m Tape Slices
  2. 1 inch wide 3M tape - To hold new lip in place

    Step 2 : Cleaning the Prepping the Surface of application

    1. Make sure the rear window of the car is clean and free of any residue or dirt.
    2. Also make sure the surface is dry and cool after cleaning.

    Step 3 : Prepping the new Roof Spoiler

    1. We highly recommend that you order separate 1 inch wide 3M tape roll.
    2. Cut pieces of 3M and spread them evenly on the base of the spoiler which will be in contact with the window.

    Step 5 : Align and Apply

    1. Peel off the backing of the Applied 3M tape.
    2. Align and Apply the spoiler on the desired location. We advise you to get another person to hold the spoiler with you to align it properly.