K5 Duckbill Install

By KDM Accessories 

Step 1 : Gather the Necessary Tools Required

  1. Gorilla Tape - To cover the holes left over from previous spoiler
  2. Scissors - To Cut 3m Tape Slices
  3. 8mm wrench - To unscrew factory lip on the K5
  4. 1 inch wide 3M tape - To hold new lip in place
  5. Prying Tool - To pry open the trunk liner clips.
  6. Goo Gone - Adhesive remover to remove left over adhesive residue.

Step 2 : Remove Factory Lip from the Car

  1. Open your trunk and on the bottom side you will see a trunk liner held together with several clips. Undo the clips and pop out the trunk liner.
  2. This will expose the 6 screws holding the factory lip that will need to be unscrewed using the 8mm wrench.
  3. Once unscrewed, the factory lip should just pop out if it doesn't, you may need to use a bit of heat from a hair dryer or heat gun to loosen the adhesive.

Step 3 : Cleaning the Prepping the Surface of the Trunk

  1. Once the factory lip is off, clean off any excess adhesive left over using Goo Gone or any other adhesive removed, you may be able to just use Alcohol pads.
  2. Cover the 6 holes using Gorilla tape and your end result should look something like this.
Image not Loaded


Step 4 : Prepping the new Duckbill Spoiler

  1. We highly recommend that you order separate 1 inch wide 3M tape roll.
  2. Cut pieces of 3M and spread them evenly like in the image below. It is important to have the tape laid out both horizontally and vertically to evenly shift forces applied on the spoiler.

Image not Loaded

Step 5 : Align and Apply

  1. Peel off the backing of the Applied 3M tape.
  2. Align and Apply the spoiler on the prepped trunk. We advise you to get another person to hold the spoiler with you to align it properly.