Kia K5 Front Lip Installation Instructions

By KDM Accessories 

Step 1 : Gather the Necessary Tools Required

  1. Scissors - To Cut 3m Tape Slices
  2. 1 inch wide 3M tape - To hold new lip in place

Step 2 : Assemble 3 Piece Front Lip & Plan

  1. Use the included screws to put the 3 piece Front Lip together.
  2. IMPORTANT. Unclip the 2 self taping clips from under the bumper. You will re insert these but this time along with the front lip for a flush fitment using the existing holes in the front lip.
  3. Hold the lip to the front bumper where it needs to be installed and have a rough idea of where you will be screwing in your screws through your front lip into your bumper.
  4. Now that you have a rough idea of where the screws will be going use some 3M tape to pre apply on your 3 piece front lip in between those contact points to further secure the installation.
  5. Clean the Surface of your K5 bumper where the lip is going to be installed

Step 3: Align and Install 

  1. Use some help from your buddies and have them hold the front lip in place while you drill in the screws.
  2. Make sure the 2 clips from the bumper are reapplied through the front lip this time for a flush fitment.