Kia K5 Rear Diffuser Install

By KDM Accessories 

Note : We highly recommend professional Installation for this Product!

Step 1 : Gather the Necessary Tools Required

  1. Scissors - To Cut 3m Tape Slices
  2. Included Double Sided Tape or we also recommend customers to use their own 3M tape if they have some.
  3. Screw Driver Drill - To Drill the screws that are included
  4. Another Human to give you a hand :)

    Step 2 : Cleaning the Prepping the Surface of application

    1. Make sure the surface of application is free of any dirt and is dry.
    2. Wipe down the R Style Diffuser and make sure it doesn't have any residue or dirt
    3. Also make sure the surface is dry and cool after cleaning.

    Step 3 : Prepping the new Rear Diffuser

    1. We highly recommend that you order separate 1 inch wide 3M tape roll.
    2. Cut pieces of 3M and spread them evenly on Rear Diffuser along the edges of 3 of the pieces.

    Step 5 : Align and Apply

    1. Peel off the backing of the Applied 3M tape.
    2. Align and Apply, start off with the middle piece. Stick the Middle piece to the center of the stock diffuser, ask someone to lend you a hand and hold it as you drill the screws.
    3. Drill the screws at the marked locations on the diffuser through the stock panel.
    4. Repeat the above steps with the 2 side pieces, make sure they align with the whole to connect into the middle piece.