Kia Side Skirts Installation Instructions

By KDM Accessories 

Step 1 : Gather the Necessary Tools Required

  1. Scissors - To Cut 3m Tape Slices
  2. 1 inch wide 3M tape - To hold new skirt in place

Step 2 : Planning

  1. Use some help from friends and hold the side skirts to the place of application and have a rough idea of where you will be screwing in the provided screws.
  2. Apply some 3M tape in between those screw in points for additional support.
  3. Screwing close to the ends will be important 

Step 3: Align and Install 

  1. Now that you have a rough idea of where the screws will be drilled, unpeel the 3M tape and use some help to align and hold the skirts to the area of application
  2. Apply pressure and at the same time begin screwing in the provided screwed starting from both the end towards the inside
  3. Repeat steps on the other side.